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Smarty Supply was established with the mission to remind businesses that wherever they are, they can meet with the potential B2B buyers. We began our journey a few years back and realized that we could help connect businesses on a market-level platform to reach their target audiences. But before hitting the market, we researched, talked, discussed with multiple companies about their ideas on expanding on a digital front.

With our knowledge and research, we created a seamless system that not only covered a massive global opportunity but also detailed the information of suppliers and service providers interested in B2B communication. To this day, businesses and brands listed on Smarty Supply enjoy a boost of 120% in their overall exposure to the world, where they can establish a robust brand storefront, create a global brand presence, and mingle freely within the community where they’re required. We’ve strived to help B2B sellers and buyers find each other on the most favorable platform. Whether you belong to any of these categories, you will be able to stay ahead of the competition in the global market.


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Smarty Supply is a B2B selling and buying platform that extends its world-class B2B contact and company services, providing the best medium to sellers and service providers to find their perfect audience. This unique engagement platform specializes in covering the details of sellers and service providers, thereby providing them with a unique marketing edge to prospecting buyers. While Smarty Supply will ease the process of listing yourself as a prominent business in your niche, our marketing strategies will help you maintain excellent relationships with your new and old customers.

Rendering a broad range of business listing services, Smarty Supply ensures the use of state-of-the-art tools to keep all the data neat and fault-free. After listing your business, generating a profitable ROI will become an easy goal to achieve. Our databases are equipped with the latest technology to keep your business surging on top of the market. Smarty Supply is an easy-to-use B2B listing platform that has helped several B2B sellers and buyers find the perfect people to work with and help retain prospects for the long-term.

Meet Our Team


Alex is the CEO of Smarty Supply with an experience of over 40 years under his belt. His determination comes from aligning his skills with the latest tech to bring businesses closer.


She has a Master’s degree in sales and supply management and an experience of over 8 years in various organizations. Here, Sasha applies her unique understanding of B2B sales.

ALDA JIM Senior Technical Manager

Alda handles all the website technicality at Smarty Supply, where she assists in sales operations as well. She’s the one with a degree in software engineering and an experience of 7 years.

JIM ANDERSON Lead Developer

Jim has an extravagant background in programming with the most complex languages. He has his own set of developing tools he’s been experimenting with for 11 years.

JOHN SMITH Support Service Agent

John has been handling the support services for 13 years and is a master in his field. Mainly a problem-solver, he devises his strategies to provide effective solutions.

JESSICA JAMES Support Service Agent

Jessica holds an upper-hand in driving sales for about 5 years. She possesses a Bachelor’s degree in customer relations and works hard to create meaningful B2B relationships.